Join a global community of evolutionaries intent on conscious, humane, holistic, and inclusive ways with which to support each other and navigate through the human experience.  It is about a revolution and an evolution!  The move for integral communities from all over the world who are intent on finding more effective ways to be in this world, and to inspire the creation of a growth in consciousness. Africa is alive with possibility and the same time, is like many parts of the world, deeply wounded.  By bringing your unique contribution to the world of work and relationship, you will find a community of practice who are embracing the inner and outer work that we individually and collectively want to be engaged with, to create the viable shifts necessary for that healing and as a relief of suffering and a flourishing of the spirit and our lands.  Join in a large group constellation for surfacing the unconscious and interrogating our deepest purpose and greatest fears, while learning how to hold the essential tensions of waking up and growing up!