In a post-truth reality – it is essential that leaders and practitioners who are willing to ‘wake up, grow up, clean up and show up’ (Wilber) need to step forward to join hands with others who are stepping up to do the same.  Emerging our African philosophy – Ubuntu Botho – into a way of being for all to learn from is essential for what it can offer the world! Our deepest roots of ‘beingness’ live in space of real connection, where the worth of self is nothing if not seen as inexorably intertwined with another.  This is core to our continued existence and where better than to nurture this essence than at the Cradle of Humankind.  The path to connection is reflective, mindful, engaged, and can recognise that to be creative, compassionate and consciously intentional in life we need to reclaim ways that can speak to truth, beauty and goodness with enlightened power. This is a way to  enable communities to live & thrive and is key to shifting the trajectory for all of us. Come and explore the essential parts of what makes us fully human and whole: engage with some of the deep knowledge traditions, theory and practice; find how to use evolutionary maps with which to understand more deeply, act more wisely and reclaim the soul of humanity.