Africa’s wisdom leaders can bring to the fore our African culture and heritage to one of heart-centeredness and wholeness. The dominant mindset of western thought leadership has offered some valuable contributions as well as creating vast damage structurally, psychologically and economically.  It has privileged a worldview that has negated key ingredients that are essential for what takes for us to fully human.  The African way, as a philosophy of being, provides a vital mindshift change from an individualistic rationale and consumer paradigm to a people-centred and humanitarian paradigm for ‘doing human better’.  It is time to emerge & renew leadership & practitioner consciousness for the next major stage of action, being, and practice, into the world. Learn from Integral African wisdom seekers and map makers who are taking the step into the next stage and levels of leadership, spirituality, business, psychology, education, politics and coaching. Come and see with new eyes, hear with new attention, and find ways in which to act from new levels of impact!