Vusi M Vilakati is an African consciousness and leadership development scholar and practitioner. He is passionate about the intersections between identity, located-ness or positionality, and context in the facilitation and embodiment of African spiritual consciousness, values and practices within organisations.

He believes that in the emerging VUCA business and public leadership context, Africa urgently needs to develop future-referenced, contextually attuned and globally responsive leaders to translate business goals and leadership toward the continent’s social and economic advancement.

As a insightful civic organisation leader, speaker, facilitator and researcher, Vusi’s experiences spreads across a number of key organisational roles in strategic planning, policy formulation, seminary lecturing, leadership training, facilitating diversity management initiatives, organisational transformation and change, coordinating in-service training, recruitment, selection and team building.

His interests are African consciousness in leadership development and coaching, the role of business in Society, corporate citizenship, cross-cultural management, the contribution of emerging economies to global geo-economics, outcomes-based and ethical leadership, leadership effectiveness, systems thinking and holistic leadership development, economic and human advancement of Africa.

Vusi holds Diploma in Construction studies, MA in Theological studies (UP), an MPhil HRM in Personal and Professional leadership and currently a PhD candidate toward a Leadership in Performance and Change (UJ).