Susanne Cook Greuter is an internationally acknowledged authority on adult ego-development and self-realization. She learned Language Studies (Anglistics and Romanistics) and Pedagogy at Zürich University and Human Development and Psychology at Harvard and Cambridge Universities.

Since 1980 she has been researching and developing the WUSCT- Washington University Sentence Completion Test. This is now called ‘MAP’ and serves as a management maturity assessment tool. Susanne leads vocational training within the ‘Leadership Development Framework’ and training sessions for MAP evaluators all over the world. Usually, she works with a consultant to bring development perspectives as efficiently as possible to organization’s development and leadership teams.

The ego development model combines a management (leadership) manifestation with the 9 levels of development. Each level has its own well-defined blind spots and weaknesses, and in the same way the outcomes from these to the next levels.

In addition to her deep knowledge of adult development, her clients appreciate her dedication, creativity and cheerful, sophisticated methods. Her vision of supporting that which makes us truly human as part of our journey to waking up & growing up is ongoing.