Event Speakers

Don Edward Beck

Don Edward Beck’s dedication to service and discovery has seen him become profoundly involved in numerous global ventures. He has also been active for 30 years in working with corporate leaders, public institutions, educational enterprises, and NPOs on transformation.

Nceba Ndzwayiba

Dr Ndzwayiba was born and bred in Umtata in the Eastern Cape. Professionally, Dr Ndzwayiba has more than 13 years’ working experience in the field of Human Capital Development, Organizational Transformation and Change, and Corporate Diversity/Inclusion.

Loraine I. Laubscher

Dr Laubscher has spent her lifetime applying, explaining, teaching and researching the thinking that produced the thesis – Human Niches Spiral Dynamics for Africa. She has explored and described the core intelligences and deep thinking systems that flow beneath our belief systems.

Rica Viljoen

Dr Rica Viljoen’s model on Inclusivity, in her doctorate thesis, was acknowledged as one of the 10 most promising contribution to the field of Management, Spirituality and Religion by the Academy of Management. She expresses the passion of ensuring that untold stories find their way into mainstream publications.

Thomas Q Johns

Thomas Q Johns is an electrical engineer and geopolitical consultant with a passion for bringing the full potential out of people, groups and organizations. He has spoken at The United Nations on large scale organizational transformation and built systems and programs to help aid transformation.

Paddy Pampallis

Dr Paddy Pampallis is the Founder Director of The Integral Africa Institute and The (Integral Africa) Coaching Centre (TCC) and Ubuntu Coaching Foundation that serves to bring Integral thinking and solutions to individual, organizational and community life.  Her mission is to find ways to ‘being fully human’ more skillfully.

Bence Ganti

Bence Ganti, M.A. integral psychologist and clinical psychologist, the co-founder and director of the Integral European Conferences (IEC) since 2014. He is also  the founder and director of one of Europe’s most successful long-term integral adult education institutes, the Integral Academy in Hungary.

Breaking newsExperience the rare opportunity to have Ken Wilber speak directly with conference goers

Come and listen to Ken Wilber speak to us on "doing human better". Ken is the philosopher who has brought us Integral Theory: the most effective framework for mapping all of the great thinking of our times into a theory of wholeness. The brilliance of his work is that it offers an inclusive, holistic and simple way in which to consider the critical aspects of what needs to be considered - and developed - if humans are to engage in their full potential and possibilities.