Thomas Q Johns is an electrical engineer and geopolitical consultant with a passion for bringing the full potential out of people, groups and organizations. He has spoken at The United Nations on large scale organizational transformation and built systems and programs to help aid transformation. He specializes in innovative strategies and technology to increase the efficiency of production.

Thomas met Dr Beck in 2016 while working on building a new project-based educational system to insure opportunity. An interesting journey that brought Thomas to studying with many of the thought leaders of organizational cultures. Thomas believes strongly in the power of human potential. Talent hits the target that no one else can hit. Genius hits the target that no one else can see, but it takes will and courage to bring that genius out. Courage is to shoot at the target that no else even believes in. The problems of this world require the genius that is inside you.

Thomas is a co-editor of the new Spiral Dynamics in Action book and work closely with Don Beck on the development of a vital signs monitor. He is also the webmaster of the website that supports this book namely:

Thomas lives in Denton, Dallas, United States.