Dr Loraine I. Laubscher was granted her PhD in 2013, at the age of 83.  She has spent her lifetime applying, explaining, teaching and researching the thinking that produced the thesis – Human Niches Spiral Dynamics for Africa. Over the years she has explored and described the core intelligences and deep thinking systems that flow beneath our belief systems.

Dr Laubscher specialises in integrating First and Third world cultures in the global workplace. She is recognized as a pioneer in South Africa, connecting with the natural intelligences of indigenous people and in accessing those intelligences in the design of living environments, governance systems, and negotiation strategies. She worked for years in the mines (gold, platinum and coal), in township communities and in production oriented industries. Some of the papers that Loraine presented are an indication of her interest in Change Leadership. She continues to pursue this interest as is evidenced by her contributions to a number of books that Professor Rica Viljoen is writing on Inclusivity and Integral Thinking.

Dr Laubscher presented at numerous international conferences, coached various industry leaders and politicians and continues to lecture and conduct workshops to facilitate and develop an in depth understanding of spiral dynamics theory on diversity management. Currently, she is in the process of developing an unique assessment to describe African Spirituality in the workplace.