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Rather than supplying or consuming what is served, Africa’s growth requires us to dig deep into that which brings us together.  This conference is here to explore what thought leaders from Africa are enacting to create a common, integrated approach to practically address the challenges of our time.  The goal: creating integrated solutions to common challenges that can be implemented in the fields of health, education, religion, psychology, business, arts, science, politics and spirituality.

You will do through meeting each other, having THE conversations that need to be had, shifting the edge of awareness, accessing global thought leaders, or sitting in quiet contemplative space. We first need to truly meet our self- before we can truly meet another!  You are the key ingredient to activate this space, to challenge and learn from leaders of theory and practice from all nations while focusing on creating the platform for a truly African embodied contribution.

The conference, integral gatherings and communities are there to support your work through practice, critical thinking, reflection, and ‘being’. Held in the embrace of compassion and courage, our common motivation is to ‘do become more fully human’ by understanding our gold and our shadows and so enabling leaders to not repeat what did not work, from fear or self-interest towards a much more informed, embodied and conscious space.

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More than ever, an evolution in our thinking and action is needed.

Africa’s wisdom leaders can bring to the fore our African culture and heritage to one of heart-centeredness and wholeness. The dominant mindset of western thought leadership has offered some valuable contributions as well as creating vast damage structurally, psychologically and economically. It has privileged a worldview that has negated key ingredients that are essential for what takes for us to fully human.

Why would you be part of an Evolutionary Community?

Join a global community of evolutionaries intent on conscious, humane, holistic, and inclusive ways with which to support each other and navigate through the human experience.  It is about a revolution and an evolution!  The move for integral communities from all over the world who are intent on finding more effective ways to be in this world, and to inspire the creation of a growth in consciousness. 

Why you need to be here

In a post-truth reality – it is essential that leaders and practitioners who are willing to ‘wake up, grow up, clean up and show up’ (Wilber) need to step forward to join hands with others who are stepping up to do the same.  Emerging our African philosophy – Ubuntu Botho – into a way of being for all to learn from is essential for what it can offer the world! Our deepest roots of ‘beingness’ live in space of real connection, where the worth of self is nothing if not seen as inexorably intertwined with another. 

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Breaking newsExperience the rare opportunity to have Ken Wilber speak directly with conference goers

Come and listen to Ken Wilber speak to us on "doing human better". Ken is the philosopher who has brought us Integral Theory: the most effective framework for mapping all of the great thinking of our times into a theory of wholeness. The brilliance of his work is that it offers an inclusive, holistic and simple way in which to consider the critical aspects of what needs to be considered - and developed - if humans are to engage in their full potential and possibilities.