Welcome to the African Integral Conference

The conference will follow an exterior collective structure through creating the processes and systems that will allow us, through a conducive environment for connection and flow, to have space to activate our collective interior spaces of community and shared meaning making, while stimulating the interior worlds of our minds and souls and bringing these into practiced action in the world.  We want to create an integral experience of body, mind, spirit and shadow that will touch our own humanity and enable us to find the inspiration to be for ourselves and all others.

We will have events running alongside that will support your experience and give you a feel of living in Africa with a local ‘braai’ feast, and African drumming and dancing.   An Africa Constellation will be done on the second night led by Bence Ganti, experienced facilitator and leader of IEC and supported by local facilitator guides.

There will be time for reflection, experiential workshops, and the science of research and practice.

While we will be able to engage our cognitive minds, we want to touch emotions, morality, spirituality, selfhood, and healing spaces and have the conversations that will wake us up, and grow us, to clean up and take action for a world that can thrive.

Day 1: Orientation to Integral Theory and Practice through an experiential opening followed by invited speakers, interactive sessions and experience.  The evening will welcome you with great African cuisine, dance, art and music.

Day 2: Deeper immersion into Integral Theory and Practice and Experience.  The evening will be spent in a dynamic, evolutionary and psycho-active experience of the Africa Constellation.  A powerful drop into depth, challenge, shadow and the gifts of connection and gratitude.

Day 3:  Dialogue – Legkotla, and reflection: leadership engagement for a thriving world. The third day will be open to submissions from the integral community.

Pricing Options



Day Pass 2640 ZAR
Corporate 7500 ZAR
Full Price 7200 ZAR
Rate for the Integral African Experience Tour participants 3500 ZAR
IEC Regathering and Africa Tour participants Bundle Tickets and 30-50% saving See prices


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