Dr Paddy Pampallis is the Founder Director of The Integral Africa Institute and The (Integral Africa) Coaching Centre (TCC) and Ubuntu Coaching Foundation that serves to bring Integral thinking and solutions to individual, organizational and community life.  Her mission is to find ways to ‘being fully human’ more skillfully. A history in education, psychology and organizational engagement she heads up the TCC  faculty, consultancy and is an internationally accredited executive coach.  She thrives on engaging with transformational work and has been at the pioneering front, both globally and locally, in the field of coaching and integral applications.  Her love for integral theory and practice has brought about a world class, deeply emergent programme for leadership and coach training: The Integral+ Practice of Leadership & Coaching. She coaches senior leaders and executive teams at CEO and board level internationally with deep and broad experience in higher education, corporate life, the health professions and government.

The Coaching Centre is professionally accredited with the ICF and is a sought after brand with a national presence – expanding into Africa and the Middle East. A founding member of the Global Coaching Community (2004), COMENSA, and leading in setting up standards, ethics and supervision (ground-breaking research) of executive coaching, Paddy is a research fellow of Middlesex University, and on the assessment board of the World Association of Business Coaches.

She specializes in adult and organizational development and teaches with world-renowned developmental psychologist, Dr Susann Cooke-Greuter (Harvard) while being a registered integrative psychologist herself.   Aligned with the purpose of the global Integral community, Paddy is deeply moved to support integral thinking and being in the world and especially in her home country, South Africa.  She is sought out by leaders from all walks of life for counsel and coaching and together with her international colleagues, run life-changing, developmentally tailored, and integrated programmes to help individuals and teams, manage the deep challenges in our world.  Joy comes from her work, being still, being in nature, and taking part in the growth of her beautiful grandchildren and children.