You will do through meeting each other, having THE conversations that need to be had, shifting the edge of awareness, accessing global thought leaders, or sitting in quiet contemplative space. We first need to truly meet our self- before we can truly meet another!  You are the key ingredient to activate this space, to challenge and learn from leaders of theory and practice from all nations while focusing on creating the platform for a truly African embodied contribution. Listen to some of the originators of theory, authors and practitioners of note speak from their wisdom, and meet people who will become part of your ‘tribe’.  Be inspired to further your own calling and work in the world!   Learn about your orientations, your worldviews, your stage of own growth, what is needed for you, and what is needed for all of us to create a force that can hold the tension of imbalance into a world narrative that is increasingly populist and fundamentalist and in being so, very limited as to seeing the long-term impact and essentially that we are all in this together!