Henk van Zyl worked as HR professional in the Transport Industry for 36 years, of which 20 were at Executive level. For more than 19 years he gained extensive knowledge and experience in Employee Relations at company and bargaining council level. His interest and passion for employee relations resulted in developing and implementing an advanced ER co-determination model, the first in South Africa, whereby unions are engaged at a strategic and executive level to take responsibility for creating wealth for employees and all stakeholders. Henk is currently a Specialized Facilitator; Co-determination at Metamor Consulting. During his corporate career, his passion for Human Resources Management resulted in the first company in the Free State and the passenger industry to implement the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) Human Resources Management Standards with exemplary results. Henk was subsequently rewarded as SABPP’s Ambassador of the year in 2017. His ability to understand the thinking patterns of different human niches gives him the capability to relate to all people from different levels. Henk uniquely blended PURPLE in spiral dynamics into a BLUE context by applying second tier thinking.