Darrell Gooden, Ph.D., has over 20 years experience leading lean six sigma deployments, applying knowledge engineering, designing strategic communications campaigns, implementing continuous performance improvement, and managing benefits realization (using activity based costing analytics). He has a proven ability to lead diverse teams, which enables him to engage all levels in an organization. In addition to being a certified Adizes Associate he is a certified Spiral Dynamics Integral expert.

Dr. Gooden began his work with the Spiral Dynamics Group and Dr. Don Beck in 1998. In 2001 he also initiated a collaborative program with the United States Navy that used both the Spiral Dynamics Integral Framework and the Adizes Methodology. He serves as a trusted advisor to executives, entrepreneurs and senior managers. He is skilled in synthesizing advanced management practices that helps to re-conceptualizes workflows and empower stakeholders. He delivers training and consulting services using Lean Six Sigma, Adizes methodology and Spiral Dynamics Integral Framework. Dr. Gooden is characterized as a rare visionary, strategist, and provocateur of transformation. He is a proven workshop leader, experienced team builder and coach, tackling complex technical and managerial issues and skillfully delivering results for clients.

Dr. Gooden is on the faculty of the Adizes Graduate School instructing the Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) – Cultural Change Management course. He now serves as an Industry Liaison for Engineering, Energy, Environment and Utilities for the Ventura County Office of Education. He continues to provide management training, consulting and coaching services for the Spiral Dynamics Group and the Adizes Institute. He has presented at conferences and conducts seminars across the USA and worldwide including Mexico, China, Serbia, Brazil, Canada, Portugal, and Denmark. The World Future Society, Beijing’s Conference on Human Capital Strategy, the MIT Lean Enterprise Conference and South Africa’s Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management Curiosita Colloquium, are among the places where he has presented. Dr. Gooden lectures on topics including collaborative innovation and technology incubation.

He holds a PhD in Organizational Transformation from the Adizes Graduate School, a Master of Science Degree in Technology Management from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management of Information Systems from the University of Redlands. Dr. Gooden has won the National Engineer’s Week “Project of the Year” award. He was also a co-recipient of the National Shingo Lean Silver Medallion for Lean Operational Excellence (a first for US Navy) while serving as the Transformation Manager & Lean Six Sigma